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Venous Disease

Vein diseases come in many forms and should be taken seriously. Sometimes symptoms (including bulging veins, blue veins and enlarged veins) are indicative of an underlying condition (venous reflux), which can progressively get worse over time if not treated.

Most vein symptoms are worse at the end of the day, around the time of a menstrual period, in hot weather, and with prolonged standing or sitting. Symptoms are often improved with leg elevation, aerobic activity and compression stockings.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms in your legs, you may want to consider being evaluated by a physician at Vegas Valley Vein Institute who can differentiate vein disease from mere cosmetic concerns.


“I started getting spider veins in my 20s and was embarrassed to wear shorts and skirts. And living in Las Vegas, it is too hot to wear pants all the time. Dr. Simon was very professional and was able to get rid of what I had AND stop new veins from appearing. THANK YOU DR. SIMON!!!”
Emily L.

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